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Jessica Bram is an engaging speaker who addresses audiences from intimate support groups to conferences and large organizations.  Her speaking accomplishments include:

  • Her radio commentaries are regularly heard on the Fairfield, Connecticut NPR station WSHU, and have twice earned her first prize in the radio commentary category of the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists’ “Excellence in Journalism” competition.
  • As author of Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey to be published by Health Communications, Inc. April 2009, she offers an upbeat, positive message about divorce, assuring listeners that joy and sunlight await at the other end.
  • As Founder and President of the Westport Writers' Workshop, Jessica frequently speaks at writers’ conferences and workshops, specializing in memoir writing, the personal essay, and empowering people to fulfill their deepest desires to write.

Program Titles and Topics

On Divorce and the Single Life:

“Divorce: Not an Ending, but a Beginning”
When we speak of divorce as an ending, we are missing the bigger picture that it is also can be the beginning of a joyful, new life. An inspirational talk that includes examples from Happily Ever After Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey.

“You Are Your Future”
An inspirational talk aimed at assuring divorced or divorcing women that the keys to both financial and emotional independence lies within themselves.

“Where Is It Written?”
 … that you have to be in a relationship? You will find love again … but until you do, here’s what they don’t tell you about the pleasures of single life.

“Protecting the Children”
Keeping the lines of communication open with an ex-spouse in order to craft the very best lives possible for the children.

“Putting Anger Aside”
Anger is a fact of life when you’re going through a divorce. Some techniques to live with it, and prevent damage.

“What You’re Doing Right”
Mistakes that loving, responsible divorcing parents don’t make – and what you can do right, for all involved.

On Writing

“The Giving Act of Memoir Writing”
How writers can communicate their own stories in a way that will be helpful to others.

“Silence Your Inner Critic: Let the Inspiration Flow!”
Helping writers to break through writer’s block, by silencing their inner critics and other doubts that prevent them from fulfilling their writing talent and potential.  

Divorce Support Groups

Jessica is also available to meet with intimate divorce support groups as a guest speaker, discussion leader, or for book signings.

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